Veritas Prep Faculty & Staff

Please find an alphabetized listing of the Veritas Prep administration, faculty and staff.

Lori Andaloro, BS

Nature of Science; Life Science

Michael Austin, MA

Assistant Headmaster; Geometry

Master Teacher, Mathematics

Simran Bassi, MFA

Studio Art

Anthony Justin Bell, MA

Dean of Students, Middle School; Ancient History

Cameron Blaauw, MA


Michelle Blincoe, MA

Literature and Composition

Anthony Bonse, BA


Christina Bruns, BS

Biology; Events Coordinator

Jacob Bruns, BA

Literature & Composition

Adriana Burton, BA

Front Office Assistant

Rita Calvert, MA


Kary Cawley, MA


Paula Clemmer, BA

Office Manager

Thomas Copeland, MS

Calculus I and II

David Coste, BA


Ana Crowley

ESS Aide

John Curley, MA

College Counseling

David Dean, MA


Paul De Mola, MA, FRGS

Ancient and Medieval History

Jeffrey Dick, MFA

Studio Art

Master Teacher, Fine Arts

Benny Dominguez, BME


Catherine Esser, BS

Front Office Assistant

Michael Fink, MA

Humane Letters

Joseph Giles, JD

Pre-Algebra; U.S. History

Master Teacher, Middle-School History

Alexander Grudem, MA

Humane Letters

Natalie Gubler, BS

Life Science; French

Aaron Harris, BA

ESS Coordinator

Troy Head, BA

Athletic Director

Parker Hjelmberg, MA

Humane Letters

Mark Howard, MA


Adam Kear, BA


Clifton Kiser, BS (PhD ABD)

Algebra II

Rebecca Knoell, BA

ESS Assistant

Kaura Lavery, BA

Math Fundamentals

Megan Lindsay, BA

Drama; Literature and Composition

Norma Lopez, PhD (ABD)


Robynne Madigan, BS


Sean Madigan, PhD

Life Science; Earth Science

Master Teacher, Middle-School Sciences

Sarah Marbach, MEd

Academy Giving Manager

Alyssa Maresco, MA

ESS Coordinator

Malcolm Martindale, MA


Nikkol McCallister, AAS


Karyn Mercado, MA

504 Coordinator; Director of Academics; Spanish

Master Teacher, Languages

Natalie Minas, MA

ESS Regional Coordinator

Kaitlin Monroe, BS

Dean of Students, Middle School; Earth Science

David Moore, MA

Humane Letters

Lori Musico, BA

Latin; Humane Letters

Blake Myers, BA

Humane Letters; Nature of Science

Valerie Nicoulaud, MS


David Nydegger, MA, MTS

Humane Letters

Judi Paffenbarger, BA

Director of College Counseling

Shane Pulliam, BS


Jenny Rathsburg, MA


Jared Reasy, BA

Geometry; Humane Letters

David Ring, BA

Latin; Greek

Joshua Rognstad, BS

Economics; Humane Letters

Ian Shaughnessy, MEd

ESS Coordinator

Anthony Sifert, BA

Dean, High School; Humane Letters; Lit/Comp

Michael Sullivan, JD

Humane Letters; Latin

Thomas Thoits, MA

Director of Operations; Literature and Composition

Master Teacher, Middle-School Lit/Comp

Joshua Trevino, PhD

Humane Letters; U.S. History

Ben VanHolland, MA

Math Fundamentals; Studio Art

Anne Vogel, MA

Drama; Poetry; Literature & Composition

Kayla Walsh, BS

Assistant Athletic Director

James Ward, BS


Theresa Weiland, MS

Calculus; Assistant Dean of Students, High School

Jeremy Williams, PhD


Master Teacher, High-School Sciences

Caleb Winebrenner, MA


Kristan Youn, BA