Middle School Harvest Party

An annual social event for middle-school students

This Friday, 9/28, at 7:00pm

  • Games, music, food and friends!
  • Veritas Dining Hall and Courtyard
  • Buy tickets on MySchoolAnywhere ($20.00)

Tickets may be purchased at the door for $25.00 CASH ONLY. 

To register for MySchoolAnywhere click the link below:  MSA REGISTRATION LINK


  • Is this a couples event? No, the kids should not plan to “ask” someone to the party.
  • Are costumes required? No, costumes are optional.
  • Are there guidelines for the costumes? The costume must reference a historical or literary character.  (Cinderella, Shane, Frida Kahlo, Robin Hood, Abraham Lincoln, Frankenstein, Dorothy, Sherlock Holmes, and Gandolph all fit this description!)
  • Are there costume restrictions? The student’s costume must maintain the standards of the school.  If there is any question, then the student may take a picture and submit it to the email address below or ask Ms. Monroe and Mr. Bell.
  • Will food be served? A light snack and dessert will be served.
  • Are telephones permitted? Phones are not permitted inside the party.  They will be collected upon entry and then returned at the end of the night.
  • How can I help? Volunteer opportunities are listed in the “Signup” section of the MySchoolAnywhere App or you can donate a small donation gift card to be awarded as a prize. Gift cards may be dropped in a box at the front desk.

*Please contact: Mari Jo Clark or Shelley Holland at psoMiddleSchoolSocial@VeritasPrepAcademy.org with questions.