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Dear Parents and Students,

VPA’s Musical Theater Club is proud to announce that this year’s musical is The Sound of Music, the classic musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein. If you’re interested in auditioning, please be sure to download the Audition Packet below.  You will find a lot of very important information that must be filled out completely and signed. Please note: Students who do not have a signed, completed packet will not be allowed to audition.

Below, please find the list of all audition songs and sides in addition to the link to sign up for your audition time.

If your child is selected as a cast member, he/she will be expected to attend ALL rehearsals and performances for their part.  If your child is cast in a principal or featured role, the club fee will be $225.  If your child is cast in the ensemble, the club fee will be $125.

By signing and returning the packet, you are committing to making sure your child attends all rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals will be held after school and on some Saturdays, with a detailed rehearsal calendar to follow. During the week of the show, students will be rehearsing in the evenings, approximately 3:30PM – 6:00PM, with extended times during the actual performances. Please be sure that your child only auditions if they can make the commitment to attend all rehearsals and performances. Please note that if your child is cast and then misses an excessive number of rehearsals, the production team may remove him/her from the cast.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Warm regards,

Jenny Rathsburg – Choral Director, Grades 9-12
Veritas Preparatory Academy

Paige Shoemaker – 5th Grade Teacher
Archway Veritas Academy


Please click here to download the Audition Packet.

Callback Songs

Mother Abbess Callback

Maria Callback #1

Maria Callback #2

Children Callback #1

Children Callback #2

Captain Callback

Elsa Callback

Max Callback

Liesl Callback

Nun Callback

Rolf Callback

Callback Sides

Captain and Children

Captain and Maria


Elsa and Max

Featured Nun

Frau Schmidt and Franz

Liesl and Rolf


Maria and Children

Mother Abbess and Maria