Listed below are the 2016-2017 committee chairs that work to support our school and community. Volunteers are always appreciated.  Please reach out to these chairs with your ideas or your volunteer interests!

Lunch Program Chair
Charla Lenz:

Hospitality Chair
Yvonne Sandweiss:

Fundraising Chair
Kristen Will:

SCRIP Coordinator
Kate Farantelli:

Auction Co-Chairs
Kim Scott:

Meeghan Seaone:

Falcon Flyer
Carol Frey:

Cherri Pierce:

Used Book Chair
Jenni Groft:

VPA Closet (Gently Used Uniforms) Chairs
Jessica Horonenko & Sheri Evans:

Food Truck-Chair
Tricia Longnecker:

Spirit wear Chair
Tonya Zook:

Boxtops Chair
Shannon Winebrenner:

Snowstorm Chair
Laura Cross:

Directory Chair
Pauline Forrester:

Senior Oversight Committee